Welcome to St. James Theatre School’s Broadway Bulldog Production

Thank you for checking our Frequently Asked Questions page.  Before contacting the box office, please check this list of questions to see if your question can be answered.  Thank you for your patronage, we look forward to seeing you at our show in February

How do I buy Tickets?

Tickets may be purchased online beginning January 10 at https://www.stjamestheatre.org/frozen-jr-tickets/ 

What are the performance dates & times?

Friday February 11 @ 7:00 pm

Saturday February 12 @ 7:00 pm

Sunday February 13 @ 2:00 pm

What are the ticket prices?

Each ticket is $10. It is reserved seating.  Children under 2 Years old are free and may sit on your lap or on floor mats setup in the front for children to enjoy the show easily without any obstruction. Children over 2 years old must have their own ticket but may also enjoy the floor mats.

What is Frozen Jr?

Frozen Jr. is based on the 2018 Broadway musical, and brings Elsa, Anna, and the magical land of Arendelle to life, onstage. The show features memorable songs from the animated film, with music and lyrics by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, plus some new songs written for the Broadway production.

Are the seats reserved?

Yes, the seats are reserved. Children under 2 Years old are free and may sit on your lap or on floor mats setup in the front for children to enjoy the show easily without any obstruction. Children over 2 years old must have their own ticket they may sit in their reserved seats or  enjoy the floor mats set up for children.

Do I need a physical ticket?

No, tickets are virtual. Once you complete your purchase, you may print your ticket(s) at home or save pictures of them on your phone to present them electronically at the door. And you aren’t able to access your tickets via a mobile device or you can’t print them, don’t worry our theater volunteers can look them up for you.

Who's in the Cast?

                    ROLE                                                                    CAST MEMBER NAME
BISHOP / HIDDENFOLK ENSEMBLE                                              Joseph Abraham
BISHOP ASSISTANT / HIDDENFOLK ENSEMBLE                          Joshua Abraham
SNOW CHORUS                                                                                Emily Barrett
MIDDLE ELSA / HIDDENFOLK ENSEMBLE                                     Ella Beckman
TOWNSPERSON / HYGGE ENSEMBLE                                           Olivia Behrns
SNOW CHORUS                                                                                Catrina Boudart
SNOW CHORUS                                                                                Cecelia Boudart
ANNA                                                                                                 Samantha Braun
KRISTOFF                                                                                          Leo Cohen
TOWNSPERSON / HIDDENFOLK ENSEMBLE                                Ethan Corona
HANS                                                                                                  Tim Dillon
TOWNSPERSON / HYGGE ENSEMBLE                                            Casey Dolecki-Wollscheid
BULDA                                                                                                 Gillian Dufern
TOWNSPERSON / HIDDENFOLK ENSEMBLE                                  Maddie Dufern
TOWNSPERSON / HYGGE ENSEMBLE                                             Ella Esposito
TOWNSPERSON / HIDDENFOLK ENSEMBLE                                   Taylor Furmanski
YOUNG ELSA                                                                                        Lainie Goff
CASTLE STAFF / TOWNSPERSON / HYGGE ENSEMBLE                 Myliani Gonzalez
TOWNSPERSON / HYGGE ENSEMBLE                                               Evelyn Hill
SNOW CHORUS                                                                                    Audrey Justiniani
TOWNSPERSON / HIDDENFOLK ENSEMBLE                                     Meredith Kay
MIDDLE ANNA / HIDDENFOLK ENSEMBLE                                         Caroline Kedzie
TOWNSPERSON / HIDDENFOLK ENSEMBLE                                     Elise Klopp
TOWNSPERSON / HIDDENFOLK ENSEMBLE                                     Owen Lawrence
YOUNG ANNA                                                                                         Maddie Long
ELSA                                                                                                        Allie Long
TOWNSPERSON / HYGGE ENSEMBLE                                               Grace Malcolm
TOWNSPERSON / HYGGE ENSEMBLE                                               Lily Maloney
TOWNSPERSON / HIDDENFOLK ENSEMBLE                                     Nora McAndrews
STEWARD / HYGGE ENSEMBLE                                                          Tristan McKay
WELELSTON                                                                                           Declan McLeod
PABBIE                                                                                                    Olive Meyers
SNOW CHORUS                                                                                      Ashley Paddack
TOWNSPERSON / HIDDENFOLK ENSEMBLE                                      Deijah Reddin
SNOW CHORUS                                                                                      Sarah Roulo
SNOW CHORUS                                                                                      Juliette Sheldon
TOWNSPERSON / HYGGE ENSEMBLE                                                 Shane Smith
TOWNSPERSON / HIDDENFOLK                                                            Abby Thengil
OAKEN                                                                                                      Gabi Venegas
OLAF                                                                                                         Maddie Wade
KING AGNARR / HYGGE ENSEMBLE                                                     Abram Wadley
QUEEN IDUNA / HIDDENFOLK ENSEMBLE                                           Emily Walberg
TOWNSPERSON / HYGGE ENSEMBLE                                                  Allie Waltz
TOWNSPERSON / HYGGE ENSEMBLE                                                  Lizzie Waltz
TOWNSPERSON / HYGGE ENSEMBLE                                                  Erik Woods
SVEN                                                                                                         Grace Woods
CASTLE STAFF / TOWNSPERSON / HYGGE ENSEMBLE                     Kate Ziebka

Are there any covid requirements?

We will be following CDC and Archdiocese guidelines in place at the time of the performances. 

Where is the theater located?

St James Parish Center (see map)

Is there Parking available?

Parking will be available in the Parish Center parking lot. If the Parish Center lot is filled then the Church parking lot on the east side of Arlington Heights Road may be used.

Will there be refreshments for sale?

No, there will not be any concession stands available at the performances.

How long is the performance?

The performance is 60 minutes long and there will not be an intermission. 

Additional questions?

For additional questions please email Producer@stjamestheatre.org 

Or leave a message on the theatre hotline: 224.345.7199